Art of Existence,
Existence of Art

Art is a language universal in it’s audience.
It is a link between the unknown and the known.
Art can exist as a transient, ethereal realm within
our memory and in this sense, is a part of our very being
My imagination is stimulated by listening beyond
the cacophony of every day noise
to an atavic source. This source is personal
but has a commonality to all things.
I feel the essences of existence permeating
the chaotic stage of life.

Life is enigmatic.
Surviving life is real.
We cannot exist without survival
and survival is dependant upon
there being an existence

I often use a bird like image to capture
the feeling of passing time.
Time is life is a swift, light, acrobat
in the sky.
Human presence is there
as the Viewer looking in or the Artist looking out
Beasts and objects are indictors of situation.
Light and shadow indicates ideas looming out of

All of this is captured in bold confident strokes,
Drawing is important and is the foundation.
Sometimes I rub back to reveal this.
working with paint is different and asks another attitude.
All colours are equally wonderful including black .
Black is a mixture of all colours
and requires light in order to be seen.

Artists are like mediums.
To make seen, the unseen,
placing in perpetual suspension,
one moment of time.




Self Portrait, 1995
Oil on Linen
Size: 128 x 96cm
Catalogue #123