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XERSA  Artist with over 40 years of experience in drawing, painting and sculpture installation.  Finalist and awarded in important Australian art awards including the Dobell Prize for drawing Included in major collections and exhibited in major public galleries.  An internationally exhibited contemporary artist with experience of over 20 solo and 40 group exhibitions in major galleries and Museums alongside other significant artists.


My recent work is figurative, thematic of resilience and regeneration which relates to world-wide natural and non natural events that affect our health recalling our strength and determination. The allurement of drawing began before crawling and ever since then, kept vision of consistent excellence to becoming the best and to draw better than Picasso and Matisse. I hereby thank everyone for the rewarding experiences you have imparted to me so far, each mark made by my hand has the memory of you all within them. May there be much more.


Please take your time to view my online art space.  Please feel free to contact me about any of my pieces.





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